About Two Twenty

At Two Twenty we know that eating with your friends and family or having a business meeting is an ancient ritual that builds deeper relationships through shared memories and the breaking of bread.  As you anticipate dining with us at Two Twenty we want you to know that we believe going out to eat is more than just a meal, it’s an experience.  We don’t take that lightly and we don’t just hope for you to experience delight here; we plan for it.

Here is a glimpse into what we are doing in every area of Two Twenty in preparation for your arrival.

Our Kitchen

Our talented kitchen staff start their day preparing for your arrival by getting the freshest of ingredients delivered to Two Twenty’s kitchen.  The kitchen staff then take the raw elements of your future dining experience and begin the prep work needed.  There’s cutting and trimming.  There’s washing and sorting.  With the anticipation of your arrival the staff diligently works like skilled artists preparing for the main event; your time with us.

As far as the Kitchen is concerned their goal is to make sure that with every bite your taste buds come alive.

Our Dining Room

Our dining room staff is eagerly waiting for your arrival also.  The men and women waiting on you show up early and begin their preparation long before the doors open.  They make sure that every napkin is properly placed and the silverware is polished and ready and the details of the menu are fresh in their minds.

We know that the dining room’s warm appearance and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere are key to you enjoying your dining with us.  Whether you’re joining us for a full course meal, appetizers and drinks or just dessert, we know that the smile you are greeted with is important.  Your personal waiter is the conductor who will bring together all of the elements of Two Twenty so that you can truly enjoy your dining experience.

Our Bar & Lounge

We welcome you to wander your way in, settle deeply into your seat and take a deep breath. Move from the clamor of your day to the welcome relaxation of drinks and entertainment. We are here to serve you and make your time with us an experience you want to have again and again.

We hope you join us soon!